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Hi there. I’m Meghan...

I have a fondness for gardening, travel, and Malbec. And I adore oil painting. I love to explore color through a variety of subject matter. I focus on the feeling and essence of the subject with a bold and painterly style. And the subject is simply that which captivates me... from diner coffee to old gas pumps to decaying subway tunnels. I relish in all the color and beauty out there in what can sometimes be the most unexamined places.  

I also sketch... kind of obsessively and usually with a Sharpie pen (check out my travel sketchbooks!). I'm putting this obsession to use with a web comic about my cat. You can check out the panels here on this site, but the main site for this project is at The Cat with 100 Names.

Wanna get in touch?

You can email me at, or use the contact form here.